A home theatre experience
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A home theatre experience

We used to love going to the movies but now that we have kids it's harder to organise to go out for date nights. Luckily our home theatre is so good it almost feels like we are in the cinema. We have the latest audio visual equipment and we get to choose who else is in the movie theatre with us - which you don't get to do in a normal theatre! We even put the kid's movies on the big screen and they love feeling like they are really playing with their favourite characters. With the technology getting more and more lifelike maybe they really will be able to one day!

A home theatre experience

How to Get a Quality Wedding Video Without Blowing Your Budget

Gabriella Larson

Weddings are expensive, with an average of around $36,000 being spent by Australian couples. It's no wonder that many couples are looking for ways to reduce expenses while still having a wonderful and memorable wedding day. Most couples are keen to have a video made of their big day, but this can be a costly expense. Here's how to have a wonderful wedding video without the large expense of paying a professional videographer's fees.

Hire a professional video camera

Many people have their own personal video camera or handy-cam, but the quality of these can be less than optimal for recording such an important event. For a small fee, you can hire a film industry grade video camera which will give you an ultra high-definition picture.

These video cameras are not only high definition, but also give you exceptional sound quality. They will also mean that you end up with footage that has a wonderful depth of vision, and a cinematic quality that you won't get from a regular video camera.

Learn about your options by contacting resources like Audio Visual Events.

Enlist a dedicated videographer

Although many of your guests may be happy to do some recording for you, it's best to have a non-guest who is dedicated to filming the event and won't miss any important bits. You will also want someone who has a good eye for videography and a sound knowledge of the mechanics of film-making.

A perfect candidate for this can be a film or photography student. They are generally more than capable with a video camera and will work for a rate of pay that is considerably less than a professional freelance videography. Most students would be grateful for the extra income and also the opportunity to hone their craft.

Self-edit to achieve the finished product

After the big day, you will probably find that you end up with hours of raw footage. While this may be riveting viewing for the wedding couple, you may like to prepare a condensed and edited version to show friends and family. The editing process is part of the reason that professional videographers' services are so costly.

Many companies that provide video camera hire will also provide you with the software you'll need to edit your own footage. If not, then there are numerous free or inexpensive video editing programs available online or from a computer supply store. These programs are very user-friendly and will enable you to create montages, soundtracks, and even change the footage to black and white if you like.

While weddings are expensive, this is a good way to reign in the spending. By following these tips you will make sure you don't blow your wedding budget.