A home theatre experience
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A home theatre experience

We used to love going to the movies but now that we have kids it's harder to organise to go out for date nights. Luckily our home theatre is so good it almost feels like we are in the cinema. We have the latest audio visual equipment and we get to choose who else is in the movie theatre with us - which you don't get to do in a normal theatre! We even put the kid's movies on the big screen and they love feeling like they are really playing with their favourite characters. With the technology getting more and more lifelike maybe they really will be able to one day!

A home theatre experience

Understanding After-market Component Speakers for Your Car

Gabriella Larson

Even with a powerful music player, you need good speakers to enjoy quality sound. The good thing is that there are after-market speakers with various features to boost the quality of the sound produced by your car's audio system. Essentially, after-market speakers come either as full-range or component speakers. Full range speakers have all components, such as the woofer and the tweeters, encased in one basket. On the other hand, component speakers come with separate parts, ensuring superior speaker design and customisation that will meet the needs in your car. If you want to change your car's speakers, here are some of the important things you should know about component speakers.

The Woofer's Cone

The woofer contains the largest cone. The cone is a thin membrane attached to the voice coil of the speakers. It moves within a magnetic gap and causes vibrations that result in sound. Due to its large size, a woofer's cone produces mid-range sound and bass. When choosing a woofer, look out for a cone with material that is stiff and lightweight. This will guarantee that the cone can stand-up to high-frequency vibrations with minimal load imposed in your car's boot or another place where the woofer is installed. Go for cones made from polypropylene films or aluminium. They not only produce quality sound but also withstand the cold, hot and moist conditions in your car.

External Crossovers

External crossovers are also an important feature that you can use on your car's component speakers. They are a collection of filters comprising capacitors and coils. Their work is to separate frequencies between the tweeters and the woofers so that these components don't struggle to reproduce sound. They will improve the quality of the sound produced by your system. 

The Tweeters

Tweeters are small sound drivers used for the production and distribution of high-frequency sound. They balance and neutralise the bass and mid-range sounds produced by the woofers. Tweeters are made using cones or a combination of dome construction and cone. Preferably, you should go for component speakers with a combination of dome construction and cones because of their good sound dispersion. To add on that, the dome construction and cones should be made using titanium, aluminium or polyetherimide films. They will last longer against the conditions in your car's interior.

Detachable Tweeters

Changing cars doesn't mean that you have to get new tweeters. You can go for detachable tweeters especially if you are certain that you will change your car in the future. Their design and installation are done in a manner that allows you to remove them easily and use them in another car.