A home theatre experience
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A home theatre experience

We used to love going to the movies but now that we have kids it's harder to organise to go out for date nights. Luckily our home theatre is so good it almost feels like we are in the cinema. We have the latest audio visual equipment and we get to choose who else is in the movie theatre with us - which you don't get to do in a normal theatre! We even put the kid's movies on the big screen and they love feeling like they are really playing with their favourite characters. With the technology getting more and more lifelike maybe they really will be able to one day!

A home theatre experience

How to Choose a PA System for Your School

Gabriella Larson

Public address systems can come in very handy at schools, making it easy for students and teachers alike to amplify their voices and make sure they're heard. However, not all PA systems are made equal. If you want your PA system to function well in its intended environment, you need to think carefully about your needs when choosing it. Here are 3 factors to consider when making your decision.

Think About Classroom Size

The first factor you need to consider when choosing a PA system is the size of the classroom (or classrooms) you intend to use it in. Unsurprisingly, bigger classrooms need PA systems with more power if you want to ensure everyone can hear the sound clearly. For small classrooms, you can get away with mini PA systems. However, if you'll be using your system in an auditorium or lecture theatre, look for a system with at least 20 watts of power. If you're looking for a PA system that will work for a range of classroom sizes, more power is better. You can always turn a big PA system down, but trying to amplify a mini system will create a lot of sound distortion and drain power quickly.

Think About Other Settings

Classrooms and lecture theatres are the main places where schools use PA systems, but they're not the only setting you can use them in. When choosing your system, you'll also need to think about the other places you intend to use it. For example, if you'll be using your PA system to amp up your sports teams during practice and competition, you may not be able to connect it to the school's main power source. In this case, you'll need to find a PA system that runs on rechargeable batteries. Likewise, if you'd like to use your system to improve safety and organisation on field trips, you'll need a system that uses onboard power and is small enough to be portable.

Think About Music

Many schools only use their PA systems to amplify voices, whether that's in a classroom, on the sports field, or in a public place. However, some schools also like to use PA systems to play background music during presentations and small performances in the music classroom. If you want your PA system to be able to reproduce music with clarity, you'll need a system with 30 watts of power or more. You may also want to look for a system that has a built-in CD player or Bluetooth connectivity to make it easy to play music.