A home theatre experience
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A home theatre experience

We used to love going to the movies but now that we have kids it's harder to organise to go out for date nights. Luckily our home theatre is so good it almost feels like we are in the cinema. We have the latest audio visual equipment and we get to choose who else is in the movie theatre with us - which you don't get to do in a normal theatre! We even put the kid's movies on the big screen and they love feeling like they are really playing with their favourite characters. With the technology getting more and more lifelike maybe they really will be able to one day!

A home theatre experience

How to give your visitors a great audiovisual experience

Gabriella Larson

If you are listening to announcements over an airport public address system or at a railway station, then the audio announcement only has to hold your attention for a few moments and the quality of the audio is only of secondary interest. However, if you are going to spend an extended period engaging with an audiovisual system, then the quality of the sound and visual experience matters considerably more. This is particularly the case if you manage a hotel or conference venue where people come to listen to extended audiovisual presentations. For formal presentations, the technical quality of the audiovisual equipment used can have a significant on whether the presentation is able to hold their attention and allow them to engage with what is being said. For informal meetings or even for guests relaxing in their rooms at the end of the day, a high-quality audiovisual experience will enable them to be entertained or, if they prefer, to connect to their company and check up on what they have missed during the day.

Performance not dominance

Installing the best audiovisual system is important, but you don't want to fit audiovisual products that will dominate their surroundings. In a conference centre, the individual speaking should be the focus of attention, not the speakers. If there is a screen being used, it should be as unobtrusive as possible. It is there to facilitate the meeting, not to be the central feature. When you want your audiovisual technology systems to blend seamlessly into their environment, then you must look for audiovisual products like high-quality speakers that can be designed to match your corporate style and decor.

Compatibility not frustration

When your guests are working away from home, whether on their own or leading a conference, they will probably want to connect their personal technology to your systems. They might bring with them a laptop, a tablet, an iPod or a phone and look for a way to connect it to your audiovisual system. It is vital that your conference venue's audiovisual system is capable of receiving connections from a wide range of devices. The guest might need to connect with your television, loudspeakers or big screen, and you need to make sure that it is possible for them to interface in whatever way is needed.

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